EDITORS NOTE: This story, originally published in September of 2015, has begun recirculating. Please note that the information here is no longer up-to-date.

I noticed that today is more than just another day for the family and friends of a Lyman County cowboy who was injured in a car accident two years ago. His name is Lane Scott. If you keep reading you can get an update of the story I pushed out two years ago.

Today I read that Lane continues to make progress. According to Prayers for Lane Scott, Lane continues to make progress and even got to move back home! See the Facebook page here.

  • Here is the original article I wrote two years ago.

My sister Crystal had pointed this story out to me.  Many times when you see an auto accident, you might brush it off and say, I'm sure they'll get better. Then I took a closer look today. Then I put one and two together.  This is Beavers boy!

I used to do the PA for a bull riding back in my home turf, Presho, South Dakota. I remember the first time Monte James and I were setting up a skinny kid named Lane was there helping.  Easy to talk to.  Articulate as any adult and knowledgeable as hell about rodeo and in particular Bull Riding.

Oh, I mentioned Beaver. Beaver is a bullfighter from Presho. He's lived there with Lane for years.  Both Beaver and Lane took me under their wing and taught me, the now city boy, politely about some of the finer points of Bull Riding and Bull Fighting.

That's when I heard Lane had been in a car accident I quickly thought, 'kids tough,' no prob, he'll recover. Turns out it's much worse than I could have ever imagined. This rock-hard rock star in the rodeo arena got busted up badly.

It's amazing, we can get so busy that things like this 'slip by' for a minute, that's why I wanted to take a moment to write a line or two about Lane.

I've seen this kid grow up.  Ride bulls, first the smaller Junior Bulls and later the big Rough Stock.  I've seen the way his Dad, Beaver Scott looked at him with pride while he was riding or walking away after a good ride.

If you've ever been to a rodeo or enjoyed watching bull riding, join me tonight as we rush in, like a bullfighter unselfishly to rescue a downed cowboy from a bull... in a Prayer.  A prayer for Lane Scott.

UPDATE: 10/31/13

DAY 58 - Lane is still in the ICU. His body continues to heal and recover so he can wake up from the coma (not an induced coma). The big news today was that Lane will be transferred to the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, NE tomorrow (Thursday)! Lane is still technically in a coma, but he seems to be coming around a little each day. It is just time to move him out of the ICU as there isn't much more they can do. He's stable enough now for transporting him by plane with the flight team. It's time for rehab! We would like to thank all the medical staff and personnel that we came in contact with at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco, Texas! We appreciate all the excellent care and concern that was given to Lane and the family. And thanks to each and every one of you for your continued thoughts and prayers for Lane and the family, as well as for the two girls and their families. Lane and our family truly are blessed for all the support that has been extended to us. The prayers ARE working!!! (Auntie Mary on behalf of Lane Scott's family)

If you would like to send a card:

Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center
Lane Scott Rm # 1324
100 Hillcrest Med. Bld.
PO Box 21146
Waco, Texas 76712

The Philip Scotties and the Lyman Raiders kneeling together in prayer after their game against each other Friday night - praying for a fellow former student/athlete/friend at both their schools. Pretty awesome to witness. The Scottie spirit just goes on and on ... from group to group of athletes who come thru the system. And evidently, it runs in the Raiders too!

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