Every day is a national day for something. March 14 is set aside for the crunchy snack that all of us love, the potato chips.

Have you ever wondered, while dipping one in some sour cream and onion, how they got started. If you picture someone attempting to create a hit snack, you were never so wrong.

It's just the opposite. Potato chips were an accident by a mad chef. They were intended to not be edible.

The story of the potato chip dates back to 1853 at the Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York. A customer complained that his french fries were too thick.

The annoyed chef cut some potatoes extra thin, salted them and fried them as a way to send a message.

They were meant to be inedible, but instead they turned out very tasty and the customer asked for seconds. The rest is snack food history.

The top chip producing company by far is Lay's. Following in a distant second are Pringle's.

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