South Dakota political icon Tom Daschle supports legalizing marijuana in his home state according to the Argus Leader.

Here is the statement Daschle gave the Argus Leader when asked about his stance on the topic of legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana in South Dakota.

"I did not advocate for legal marijuana while I served in the Senate but, like many other Americans, my viewpoint has vastly evolved in recent years, and my passion for improving how our society delivers health care as well as pioneering social and political change has never been stronger,”

Daschle is a political icon in the state after serving as US Senate Majority Leader for many years representing South Dakota.

Not only will South Dakotans be able to legalize medical marijuana in the state but they will also have the opportunity to legalize marijuana for recreational use as well.

Most states are moving in this direction and many are seeing the lack of risk, medical qualities accompanied by huge economic benefits to the state.

Amendment A focuses on legalizing marijuana for people over 21 and Amendment 26 focuses on legalizing marijuana for medical use.

Voting YES on Amendment A and voting YES on Amendment 26 would legalize both in the state of South Dakota.

As always with legalizing marijuana measures in other states come negative ads that claim in states like Washington and Colorado they saw significant increases in car accidents while insurance companies have seen a 3% increase in claims in those states over that time, nothing has been considered significant.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, after 3 years of recreational marijuana in both Colorado and Washington, those 2 states didn't see a significant increase in accidents vs. states that didn't' legalize marijuana yet.

So far throughout the United States, the legalization of marijuana has created billions of dollars in tax revenue.

My guess is both will see heavy support and it very well may happen that both measures pass in November as sentiment over the last few years have seen a favoring of these measures locally and nationally.

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