Sioux Falls Police have traced a shooting threat to a teenage girl attending the school system where she claimed the shooting would happen.

Monday afternoon (September 24), a post on Twitter claimed that a shooting was going to happen at a Sioux Falls school by a girl. According to Officer Sam Clemens, a law enforcement agency saw the message and notified the Sioux Falls Police Department.

The threat, which claimed the shooting would take place today, was traced to a 16-year-old girl, who is a student in the system. Police say the girl had no means of carrying through with the threat as she did not have access to firearms, but was charged with making a terrorist threat.

The Juvenile Detention Center in Sioux Falls reviewed the situation and directed officers to leave the girl with her parents, who were not aware of the threat until police notified them.

Officials with Sioux Falls Public Schools were notified Monday afternoon. Due to the determination that there was no credible threat, no additional security measures were taken.

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