After a care giver at a Sioux Falls nursing home heard a thud of falling body nearby and investigated, a woman was found lying on the floor with another resident standing over her.

Lieutenant Mike Colwill of the Sioux Falls Police department revealed the details today (February 27) about being called to the Southridge Healthcare facility at 3600 S Norton Avenue on Thursday (February 22).

The care giver was preparing medication in the locked dementia unit when hearing the body fall and discovered the 83 year old woman lying with her back on the floor. The woman had multiple injuries, including a scull fracture, and later died in hospital.

The man standing over the woman was a 78 year old resident known for violence against staff and other residents. He has now been transferred to another facility.

Investigators are now awaiting possible surveillance video and autopsy results.

Charges could be pending against the man. The names of those involved in the situation have not been released.

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