Spring time! The time of year where the weather gets warmer, days start to become longer, and everyone enjoys being outside!

Well, warmer weather also means the return of one of Sioux Falls' most feared animals: the Canadian Goose!

If you have ever been on the bike trail, you know that during the Spring and Summer months, they are all over the place, not to mention their droppings.

One time while I was biking to work (behind Olive Garden), I was approaching one of them and I slowed down and got off my bike to walk past it. Well, that made the animal angry and it started to charge at me. So, I quickly jumped back on my bike, but ended up falling down the side of the hill. Scuffed up my knee and arms.

I know they are trying to protect their young, but I was just trying not to hit the animal and yet the animal ended up hurting me!

Ever since that incident, I now carry a whistle with me when I ride. I have never had an encounter since, but I know that if you get too close, you might not make it back! Have you ever had an encounter with this animal?

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