This is probably not an epidemic, but it might be a trend as both Monday and Tuesday investigations led to prostitution arrests.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says the Street Crimes Unit answered an advertisement and met two people around 9:00 PM near 4th Street and Main Avenue.

“Something drew their attention to this ad. They arranged to meet a woman in the northeast part of Sioux Falls. There was a guy in the car with her. It sounds like they’re in some kind of relationship so we didn’t have any human trafficking that we were able to determine.”

Both people are both are from Tea. The man was charged with pimping while the woman was charged with prostitution. Police are relatively certain that the two prostitution incidents are unrelated.

According to the investigation, Clemens admits that the two were in agreement with the prostitution idea hoping that some of the proceeds would be used to help pay off debts.



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