It was October 11, 1975 when late night TV viewing changed forever. That's the night 'Saturday Night Live' debuted on NBC.

Just months before, a young up-and-coming TV producer by the name of Lorne Michaels approached NBC about an idea he had for a late night show.

His idea was to gather together a group of comedians and let them ad-lip and act out skits live on late night TV - an idea that originally was not well received.

After a few weeks of arm-twisting, Michaels was eventually able to convince the top brass at the network to green-light his idea - and the rest as they say is history.

Before the first show ever aired, Michaels appeared on Tom Snyder's 'Tomorrow Show' along with all the original cast members.

Following is a clip of the show. Just for fun, before you start watching the video, see if you can name all the original cast members.

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