The legendary country music group, The Oak Ridge Boys, are teaming up with some major organizations to help stop fraud targeted at older Americans.

At a joint press conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma,it was announced by The Department of Justice and AARP that the iconic country music supergroup would be doing a a new public service announcement (PSA) campaign.

Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys said,

For too long people have taken advantage of our senior citizens, and we are teaming up with the Department of Justice and the AARP Fraud Watch Network to help you and your loved ones stay safe from scammers.

Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys also added,

So happy to see the Department of Justice and AARP stepping up to address this problem of elder fraud abuse. We are honored to be stepping up with you. Everyone is susceptible via phone or online, but the elderly are often the targets and victims of identity thieves and scammers. The Oak Ridge Boys are honored to lend our name and image to this worthy cause.

If you or a family member, friend or colleague have been a victim of a fraud scheme, please report to authorities online


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