Every NFL team was on TV in this area of the country at least two times this season. One of those teams that only appeared twice is a current playoff team.

People around the country have taken an interest in seeing what NFL games will be shown around the country and what the distribution of it is. One of the primary reasons is websites like 506sports that make maps showing exactly what areas of the country are getting certain games.

We live in a fun area of the country. The Minnesota Vikings will be on TV every week regardless of the network. Green Bay is usually on if the Vikings are not (when they aren't playing against each other). The rest of the league? It's kind of open.

This year we saw an emergence of the Chicago Bears locally. With the Bears having a successful season that included a playoff berth, we had a total of 11 of their 16 games. Kansas City, who is also having a stellar year, jumped Denver for the first time in a long time. There were multiple times that Kansas City was chosen over Denver this year on CBS. This is a new trend and out of the ordinary. Since 2014 the Chiefs have only been picked one time over Denver in the same scenario. That was when the Chiefs played the Vikings during the 2015 season.

As for the bottom of the list? Two teams were only shown this season two times total. Tampa Bay and Indianapolis were rarely seen on TV. The Buccaneers appeared on Monday Night Football in Week 3 against Pittsburgh, and regionally against Chicago during Week 4. Indianapolis only appeared due to nationally televised games against New England (Week 5) and Tennessee (Week 17).

Here's the full list of times each team was available to watch here in Sioux Falls. This includes all regional broadcasts on FOX/CBS and nationally televised games. This list is for regular season only. This does not include playoff games.

  • Minnesota 16
  • Green Bay 15
  • Kansas City 14
  • Chicago 11
  • Dallas 11
  • New England 10
  • Philadelphia 10
  • Detroit 9
  • Pittsburgh 9
  • Denver 8
  • LA Chargers 7
  • LA Rams 7
  • New Orleans 7
  • NY Jets 6
  • Seattle 6
  • Tennessee 6
  • Washington 6
  • Arizona 5
  • Atlanta 5
  • Houston 5
  • Oakland 5
  • San Francisco 5
  • Baltimore 4
  • Carolina 4
  • Cincinnati 4
  • Jacksonville 4
  • NY Giants 4
  • Buffalo 3
  • Cleveland 3
  • Miami 3
  • Indianapolis 2
  • Tampa Bay 2

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