According to the Adoption Network, there are 135,000 children that are adopted in the United States each year.  However, there are still 428,000 children in foster care who are still waiting to find their forever home.  In order to bring more attention to this issue as well as cultivate a greater understanding of the need for families to consider adoption, Governor Kristi Noem has proclaimed the month of November as "Adoption Awareness Month."

Governor Noem is appealing to families in South Dakota who have adopted children to share their stories of joy via social media.


By using #SDAdoptionMonth, people will be able to share their family and adoption experiences with short videos.  In a recent press release, Governor Noem states, “Family is more about what’s in your heart than your blood stream.  Adoption has had an incredible impact on my family... It’s beautiful. It’s a miracle. It’s lifechanging. Children cannot be successful unless they are supported and surrounded by people who love them, so this month, I’d like to encourage South Dakotans to learn more about adoption."

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, please click here for more information.

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