Joe Schmidt is the 'Real Deal' on a number of different levels.

First off, he's a proud workin'-the-dirt North Dakota farmer. Secondly, he's a family man, lovin' his wife and kids. Oh, and one more thing...

Joe is one heck of a country singer! And I mean real honest-to-goodness country.

I first met Joe about a year and a half ago or so. I had come across a song called 'My Field Of Dreams', an ode to the farming life. It was by some guy I'd never heard of, this guy named Joe Schmidt. But for me, it doesn't matter who the artist is, a great country song is a great country song!

Joe gave me a call and thanked us for playing the song and it wasn't too long after that, that Joe pulled into the radio station parking lot (yep, in a pick-up of course!) He was on his way from his farm in North Dakota to Nashville to record some new things and just wanted to personally say thanks. And as it turned out, he was just as friendly as I had hoped.

Well, to make a long story short (or at least shorter!), Joe and his family released a Christmas album which we featured songs from through the Christmas season, and now has a new song called 'Buck On The Wall'. I was fortunate enough to be one of the very first people to hear it. Joe stopped by one afternoon and said 'I got a rough cut of a new song I'd like to have you listen to'. It was 'Buck On The Wall' and I knew about 60 seconds into it that Joe had another good one.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think. And Joe, best of luck to you, both on the farm and in the recording studio!

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