Chances are when I say 'Field Of Dreams' the first thing that pop's into your head is Iowa...and Kevin Costner.

Yep, that was one great movie, especially for a guy like me that love's both baseball and history.

But truth be known, we all of our own 'field of dreams' and there's a great new real country song that spells that out perfectly, particularly if your an agricultural person (and we all are if we know it or not).

When 'My Field Of Dreams' first came across my radar I thought it was one great country song that tells a great story, something that had a real message. And having been in radio for a million years (OK, I'm ballparkin' the number of years), I've always loved the country songs that said...something!

When I first looked at the name of the artist, Joe Schmidt, I had no idea who that was. And that was OK. Some of the finest real country song's in recent years are being done by what some would call 'unknown' artist's, people like Teea Goans, Mary Sarah, Adam Fears, Mike Aiken and Mo Pitney. Folkds that are thankfully keeping country 'country'.

So I was happily surprised that, according to Joe's Facebook page, he's an honest-to-goodness farmer, a man-of-the-dirt from south central North Dakota! I love that, since I'm an ol' farm kid from Minnesota (a, uh...number of years before Joe was on the planet).

So let me introduce you to a great song you'll love, whether your out there on the back 40 or on Mainstreet USA.