Let's make one thing perfectly clear.

Joe Schmidt is a farmer. He's a 'man of the land' and from the times I've talked to Joe, I'm thinking that simple fact will never change. He's a 'dirt boy' and darn proud of it. Faith, Family, Farm. That pretty much describes the Joe Schmidt I've come to know.

Oh, and one more thing.

Joe is one heck of a country music singer!

I'm not sure how many times Joe (and his family) have made the trek to Nashville, Tennessee, but I do know I'm glad he did!

I guess my 'introduction' to Joe was when a song called 'My Field Of Dreams' came across my desk. I didn't know who this 'Joe Schmidt' was (Being an old dog, the only Joe Schmidt I knew played NFL football for the Detroit Lions back in the old days), but I knew the song was a good one! Talk abut relating to the farmers and the land, this one was firmly planted in rural America!

I had no idea Joe was really a farmer. I mean, really a farmer! I remember giving him a call one day and he was out in the field harvesting, but he took a minute to chat. Then when I met him in person as he stopped in Sioux Falls on his way to Nashville (with his family) I realized 'Yep, this guy is the real deal, a man of the land and an artist of country music'. That's a pretty special combination.

He had another great song 'Buck On The Wall' and now I've come across a new single 'Over Time'. It will not only make you smile, but it will bring you back to your Dad, whether he's still with you or not. And even if he's not, well, he is.

You can learn more about Joe at his website here. And go ahead, when you're out on that tractor and you hear a Joe Schmidt song, crank it up loud. It's just out here in the field.

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