There's going to be laughter. There's going to be tears. There's going to be dancing and singing along, too.

It's a celebration and a party and a tribute all wrapped up into one great event.

If you've been a long time resident of the Sioux Empire, you're familiar with the Night Raiders Band. In fact, there's a pretty good chance you've enjoyed their shows through the years. Well, the Night Raiders Band will be playing Saturday, October 16th at the American Legion in Montrose, South Dakota.

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It's been just over two years ago that the Night Raiders Band lost their band leader Al Tuffs.

Used With Permission
Used With Permission

The band has wanted to do a very special show honoring him and his incredible music. And October 16 is the time. His regular band members will of course be there and they'll be performing a lot of his music. And they're inviting everyone who followed the band over the years to share this very special time.

Oh, and past Night Raider Band members are invited to share a little stage time too.

Help the Night Raiders Band celebrate the life and music of Al Tuffs October 16 at the American Legion in Montrose!

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