On average it happens every three days. A child dies in an agricultural-related incident in the United States.

Every day 33 children are injured in an agricultural-related incident in the United States. And for that reason, and many others, it's important to recognize National Farm Safety and Health Week which begins September 21st.

As so well stated in an article on AgDaily.com, a farm is a wonderful place to grow up. I can personally attest to that. While I haven't lived on a farm for almost a half-century, I can truly say I wouldn't have wanted to 'grow up' anywhere else.

But as stated above, he can be dangerous if precautions aren't taken. And each day through the week there are different safety reminders. Things like Tractor Safety, Rural Roadway Safety, Overall Farmer Health, Safety & Health For Women in Agricultural and more.

And throughout this harvesting season and beyond, be safe...and thank you!

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