My Labor Day weekend was so exciting and full of fun that I had to create two posts about it!  I simply couldn't fit all my fun-filled trip experiences in one post.

As I mentioned in the previous article post about my dad's side of the family, the Gliniecki family is massive.  My great-grandma and great-great-aunt had many nieces and nephews.  One of their nieces is named Mary, who is my grandfather's first cousin.  Most of the Glinieckis, like Mary all live in various towns throughout the state of Wisconsin.  Mary lives on her own farm about 45 minutes away from the original Gliniecki farm.

I have never had the pleasure of visiting Mary's farm before this trip.  I loved hanging out with the animals, picking some fruits and veggies in her garden, and enjoying some horseback riding in between.

This city girl definitely has more than just a little country in her!

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