Most people know that I am from the Chicagoland area, so it's always fun to tell someone that my extended family owns a dairy farm in Wisconsin.

Yep, you read that sentence correctly.  This city girl has about 200+ spotted family members in Stratford, Wisconsin, which is just outside of Marshfield.  This farm just didn't happen overnight.  In fact, this dairy farm has been on the Gliniecki family's side for over 100 years.

Some of you may be a little confused or surprised.  Are you ready for a little history lesson?  Well, then grab a chair and a little snack. Let me know if you need any clarification as I share this story.

Peter Gliniecki was born in July of 1861 and his wife, Martha was born in Wisconsin in May of 1874.  By 1891, Peter and Martha Gliniecki got married and settled down in the countryside of Wisconsin raising ten kids.  TEN KIDS!  The youngest of the children were their daughters, Wanda and Angeline.  Wanda went on to marry James Manika and raised two children of their own in the Chicagoland area.  Wanda's son, Jim Manika, is my grandfather, which makes Wanda my great-grandma and Peter and Martha my great-great-grandparents.  Angeline (Wanda's little sister) is my grandfather's aunt and my dad's great-aunt which makes Angeline my great-great-aunt.

Still with me?

When Peter died of blood poisoning in August of 1914, Martha continued to live on the farm, carrying out all required duties for many years until she just couldn't do it anymore.  Her son, John (Wanda and Angeline’s big brother) eventually took over the farm. John’s son, named Joe Gliniecki, one of the many grandchildren who is my grandfather's 1st cousin, took over operations of the farm from his father.  Joe and his wife, Debbie have been operating the farm for many years and are still running it today!  They are third-generation farmers!

My family and I first went to visit the farm back in 2006 for the big Gliniecki Family reunion.  It was actually a huge extravaganza celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the farm!  I was ten-years-old at the time, and I never knew how big my family actually was until that moment.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains the same: family.  I felt so much family history at the farm.  Here are some pictures of my family and my recent trip just to give you a better idea.

We'd be here all day if I gave you the entire Gliniecki Family history, so this is a fun, "Wiki" version of the family tree.  I can't wait until my next visit to the farm!  This time I'll be back sooner rather than later!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Wisconsin trip!

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