Mount Rushmore reopened on Saturday, about three weeks ahead of schedule. The Park made the announcement on their Facebook Page last Tuesday.

"After careful consideration and consultation with local and state health authorities, we are pleased to announce that Mount Rushmore's parking lot, retail shops, and Memorial Team Ice Cream will open earlier than expected on Saturday, May 23, 2020."

The park had originally planned to reopen on June 14th, but travelers and tourists alike were able to see the Memorial in all its glory, fittingly on Memorial Day weekend. On the National Park Service website for Mount Rushmore, they outline that the park is reopening in a phased approach, following Center For Disease Control guidelines.

The Nature trail, the majority of the Presidential trail, parking garage area, Information Center (including the Mount Rushmore Bookstore), Gift Shop, Cafe, and Ice Cream Shop are all now open to the public. The Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center and Sculptor's Studio are still closed to the public at this time.


The park is also encouraging its visitors to plan ahead and prepare for your journey to the Memorial. They also emphasize on scheduling your trip and do your best to avoid times when the park may have a large number of visitors. And finally, make sure when you visit the park, do so in small groups of people. If you're with a large number of people, they ask that you consider splitting into smaller groups while visiting the park.

This summer will undoubtedly be a historic one for Mount Rushmore. Not only because tourism levels are expected to take a downturn, due to the pandemic and economic fallout, but also, because the President of the United States, Donald Trump will be visiting for the Memorial's first Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration since 2009.

For more information on President Trump's upcoming visit to Mount Rushmore, see the full story here.

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