Multiple sightings of a Moose have been coming from an area north of Sioux Falls near Madison, Chester, Dell Rapids and Colton.

Dorine Bennett of rural Madison says she was driving close to home when she spotted the moose:

I saw a moose roaming free when I traveled to Alaska a few years ago, and I got to see this one just lying in a field about a mile from my house!

Lori Hewitt saw it from her daily commute between Sioux Falls and Colton on I-29, while Kim Hanson grabbed pictures near West Nidrous Church by the interstate bridge.

If you do encounter the moose, don't attempt to feed it or approach it in any way. Keep pets away from the moose as well as it could charge and attack.  Indicators of a moose that is agitated are having ears pinned back, stomping, and possibly licking its lips.  If a moose does attack, officials advise to curl up in a ball to protect yourself and not run away.

It is frequently believed that a Moose wandering this far south likely has an illness that has thrown off its internal navigation.  A moose recently found dead in Minnesota was found to have brain worm.

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