All birthdays are special occasions. However, one South Dakota resident just celebrated her 106th birthday over the weekend.

Long-time South Dakota resident Dorcas Youel will turn 106 years old on Tuesday, September 12th. This is a huge moment for Dorcas Youel's family and for the residents at Orchard Hills Assisted Living in Dell Rapids. The retirement community even held an early birthday celebration for Dorcas on Saturday.

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Our news partners at Dakota News Now were at the Orchard Hills Assisted Living in Dell Rapids on Saturday to toast Dorcas. Dorcas even shared some fun facts about her life with Dakota News Now:

  • Dorcas grew up in Trent, South Dakota.
  • Dorcas' favorite game to play is checkers.
  • Anyone who knows Dorcas knows that her best trait is her positivity

Dorcas had a wonderful birthday party in Dell Rapids. She was surrounded by her three daughters, other family members, friends, and her fellow residents at Orchard Hills Assisted Living.

It's very special to live past 100 years old like Dorcas has. Usually, when someone reaches 100 years old or older, people wonder how they can reach such a milestone. Dorcas has advice for anyone who wants to live a long-lasting life:

The secret to a long happy life is having a good sense of humor.

I would say that Dorcas is offering us some great guidance! I always say laughter is the best medicine.

In my lifetime, I have been very fortunate to know two great-grandmas and my great-great aunt who each almost lived to be 100 years old. I remember my GG and Auntie teaching me how to tie my shoes or quizzing me for my next spelling test. They also had a few jokes up their sleeves and were a huge part of my life. I have a feeling Dorcas' family feels the same way!

Happy, happy birthday Dorcas!

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