I know, I know, summer's coming to a close and school is just around the corner. But I have one more really cool stop for you before you put summer in your back pocket. And it's not far from Sioux Falls!

If you fancy yourself something of an artist, you'll love Porter Sculpture Park. Or if you just need a 'Wow!' and a smile, this is the place for you. Located near Montrose, Porter Sculpture Park is...is...well, unique and fun!

I'm not going to give you the whole Wayne Porter story (You can get that here) but suffice to say that Wayne has never taken an art class, and other than some blacksmithing he learned from his Dad, he's pretty much self taught.

You can get up close and personal with each piece of sculpture, from the 60-foot Bull Head to an assortment of animals, birds, people and, well, some things that will make you grin and go 'Huh!'. It's all worth the short drive, and it'll be open through September 15.

For all the details, including directions, just click on the website here.

I've captured a couple pictures of the sculptures here, but believe me, there are many more and many more pictures on the website.

So, before you hunker down for school and the coming cold weather, you still have time to check out one of South Dakota's hidden gems...the Porter Sculpture Park, just up over there by Montrose!

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