Forbes magazine named the top 7 smartest cities in the world and Mitchell, SD. has made the list. Investments, agriculture, and data technology helped the city secure a position on the coveted list.

In the past mainly a rural city, that the most brilliant and ambitious left behind in search of a brighter future elsewhere, in recent years Mitchell has been able to create another economy on top of the agricultural one. The Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI) has invested $40 million in a new technology-based campus, where it trains hundreds of communications and data technicians, and a local angel investors network has sprung up and begun incubating new communications startups. Engineering, consulting and software companies have made Mitchell into a regional hub for expertise and services, transforming the city in a magnet for ICT talent." - Forbes magazine

Also making the list are Arlington, VA., Columbus, OH., Ipswich, Australia, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

The most iconic building in Mitchell is also getting a makeover. The Corn Palace is undergoing a major renovate which will include a larger exterior murals, new sign, custom-designed light-up domes, and a walk-out balcony. Construction is scheduled to be completed in April 2015.

source: Forbes

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