So I see the headline, and I'm paraphrasing here, 'More Minnesotan's Are Driving Over 100 Miles Per Hour'. I scratched my beautifully sculpted bald head and thought, 'Hmm..I wonder why?' And then it hit me.

Those Minnesota folks finally realized it: The greatest state in the nation is right next door! I naturally assumed that they were speeding to good 'ol South Dakota, the Rushmore State, the Sunshine State, and yes, number one place to live in the country.

Welcome Gopher State denizens, welcome!

To confirm my undeniably brilliant theory, I clicked on the story I was reading on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website and surprise, surprise! Their article didn't exactly mesh word-for-word with mine.

The authorities over there in the Land of 10,000 Lakes say it's largely because of the governor's stay-home order. They're thinking that with the roadways much more barren, drivers are putting the pedal to the metal and lettin' her rip.

As a result, just between March 23rd and April 13th, 78 tickets were handed out to folks meandering along at 100 MPH+. That's about three times the number from last year. So if you were tooling along on of the Interstates and saw a flash zip by, you weren't dreaming. That was Carl layin' the rubber to the road in a fast way. In fact, maybe it wasn't on the Interstate. One State Patrol officer said it's so memorable because so many of the tickets were issued to people driving in a 60 MPH speed zone. Yikes!

Well, they have their theory and I have mine. Come on in Minnesotans and enjoy the good life here in South Dakota. I have for the past 46 years.

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