It's been quite the year for the dairy industry. Because of the pandemic, dairy has reached heights that wouldn't have been expected. More people have been at home using dairy products than ever before and that's led to an increase in dairy production. But there have also been some challenges this year.

I recently had a chance to speak with Martha Kemper, Vice President of Dairy Experience at Midwest Dairy, along with Megan Sheets, Manager of Consumer Insights at Midwest Dairy. Both Martha and Megan were attending the NAFB conference, which was virtual this year, due to COVID- 19.

Martha and I spoke about what it's been like for Midwest Dairy this year and what challenges they've had to overcome. The interview also touches on Midwest Dairy's relationship with the foodservice industry and how this unpredictable year has affected it.

Megan and I had a chat about dairy trends for 2020 and what things look like as we head into next year. The pandemic shaped dairy trends in ways that would have been hard to imagine just one year ago.

Both interviews provide great insight into what it's been like for the dairy industry this year, and why the future looks very bright. You can hear both interviews in the audio clips below.

Special thanks to Martha Kemper and Megan Sheets for their time.


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