In the midst of the noise come's Midland.



Now, I need to be honest here. Up until recently when someone asked me if I was familiar with Midland I'd say 'You betcha, it's over there in Haakon county, over in the Philip area, one of South Dakota's fine small towns'.

But the other day things changed. My buddy J.D. from down the hall here at the radio ranch came in and said 'Ever heard of Midland?', I was about to say 'Yep, it's over there in Haakon...'

He said 'No, no, no, the band'.


As you know, or if you don't, I'm a fan of what I call 'Real Country Music'. I love playing the classics, the Hank's, the George's, Travis, Jackson, crank up Dolly and Loretta and a little Tammy. And, on occasion, I'll find some new real country. I'm talkin' people like Mo Pitney, Tony Jackson, Teea Goans, Cody Jinks, and others. They fit in real nice next to Waylon and Willie.

And now I add Midland to that mix.

Not knowing much about them other than I loved the song, I did what an old dog like me does....Google.

I checked out their website (and you can too here) and turns out Mark, Cameron and Jess formed Midland in Dripping Springs, Texas, a suburb of Austin. Now that's some pretty good country music ground.

And if 'Drinkin' Problem' is any indication, I can't wait to here the full length release they're working on.

Now, i have to move on, got important things to do. Like twist the top off a fresh perfectly chilled Longneck and crank up some Midland.

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