From the first time I heard him growl through a song behind an equally impressive beard, I have been hooked on the sound of Chris Stapleton. His new album From a Room Volume 1 is available Friday (May 5).

In 2016 Chris Stapelton performed in Sioux City, Iowa at Hard Rock Hotels Battery Park. I decided to head there for the weekend with my daughter, take in the show, and some laps in a hotel swimming pool.

While we stood at the counter of our hotel waiting to check in, I saw a beautiful blonde who looked familiar round the corner of the hallway. She wasn't familiar in the way like I knew her, but I recognized her. It was Shannon Tweed.

If you had a pulse in the 80's you are familiar with Shannon Tweed, and again in the reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Gene happened to be only a few steps behind her, and he pointed to my Zion t-shirt and said "I've been close to there."

I of course asked for a picture, and he was cool enough to take the time while Shannon snapped the pic. He noticed my daughter had her sunglasses in hand, and offered some classic rock star advice: "Put the sunglasses on, it looks cool."

Sometimes you head out on for a destination, and the things that happen during the journey are equally as exciting.

Brandy Clark opened for Chris Stapleton, and they both surpassed any expectation I could have put together in my mind.

Stapleton has planned to release two albums in 2017, and I look forward to listening to them both with my sunglasses on.

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