Due to an impasse and several levels of mediation between the city of Sioux Falls and the fraternal order of Police, pay negotiations have moved from the Mayor’s office to City Council.  It was addressed at last night’s city council meeting.

Councilor Michelle Erpenbach commented that this was one of the most difficult votes to undertake as a council member and has the utmost respect for officers.

The city had offered an increase of 1.5 percent, the police union 3 percent, and the last mediation effort sided with the city.  Councilor Christine Erickson agreed that the city could not meet the requested compensation, but suggested making the pay retroactive to January first, as the increase was in the budget starting on that date.

The vote among council members was a tie, and Mayor Huether cast the deciding vote, defeating the amendment 5 to 4.

A large group of attendees walked out of the meeting after the Mayor’s vote.

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