The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to not only affect the United States but the world as a whole and the NBA and Mayo Clinic are looking to help.

As the NBA looks to get back to action, they are teaming up with the Mayo Clinic for a COVID-19 antibody study.

The study will include players, coaches, executives, and staff with an expectation of all 30 teams participating.

That broad brush of geography will be very helpful in determining new data as we continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NBA isn't the first major league to be a part of such a study with MLB doing so in regards to 10,000 of their employees and found a less than 1% population with the COVID-19 antibodies.

There is a hope that the antibody study will help medical professionals develop a vaccine and/or allow those who have the antibodies to navigate the world better knowing they have already had COVID-19.

The Mayo Clinic is a main sponsor of the Minnesota Timberwolves so it was an easy transition to work with them on this antibody study.

As many know, Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns lost his mother to COVID-19 back in April after she and her husband had been infected with the virus.

Timberwolves president Gersson Rosas said that experience helped lead the way for the Timberwolves involvement and the league as well.

"We took a cue from KAT and his family. We took that cue and looked for ways to be good teammates to the NBA and the 29 other teams by connecting with Mayo Clinic to try to find strategies to fight the virus."

The Mayo Clinic is headquartered in Rochester, MN and if you would like more information on the Mayo Clinic, visit their website.

The NBA has been halted since March and the positive test of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell with the Utah Jazz.

Teams have been working remotely but recently started allowing players to return to team facilities under certain safety protocols.

The NBA is looking to still finish their 2019-2020 regular season and the playoffs as they try to formulate a plan to do so.


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