They are called "The Hungry Vipers". They are youth baseball players that have a fitting name.

Hungry? That they are! They are hungry to win and they play to win. They strike like vipers when they are on the field. These boys are true baseball players with the determination to be the best.

And that's exactly what they are, the best in their league. They have won every game so far this year and they are on top of the standings in the Sioux Empire Baseball Association League Third Grade Player Pitch.

They have worked extremely hard to get where they are. We held multiple extra practice sessions and have spent hours working on specific drills. We have taught the team to be aggressive. Before I show you a photo with names of all the players and coaches, here's a look at one of those intense sessions:

Meeting Before Practice Saturday May 4 2019
Dale Schempp

I am very proud to be their head coach. And this team would not be where they're at without the coaches working with me. Let me introduce the entire operation to you:

Baseball Team 2019
Lorlane Tassler
  • Row one: Kyle Schempp, Sean Baker, Daniel Kendall, Mark Tassler, Jr.
  • Row two: Decker Feltman, Jacob Van Rooyen, Cole Behrend, Sean Hoffman, Sullivan Mack
  • Row three: Sam Sanders, Cooper Hicks
  • Row four (coaches): Mark Tassler, Sr., Adam Hicks, Mike Behrend, Dale Schempp

By the way, the team name "The Hungry Vipers", was not just issued to them. It's a name that was specifically chosen by the players themselves. Here's a photo of the boys all together voting on making it the official team name:

Voting For Team Name 5 7 19 Hungry Vipers
Dale Schempp

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