Every now and then I just have to do a story on me. I like to follow the old work hard, play hard way of life.

I also make every effort to balance my time with work and family. But there's also another element that must not be overlooked.

And that's the art of relaxing. I think in this busy world, people may not even come close to just taking time and kicking back. I make sure that I budget my time to get things done so I can have some relaxing time.

I'm not talking about bedtime, I'm talking about just sitting under the old shade tree and hear and smell the world around us.

My happy place is laying in my hammock at my home half asleep during an afternoon. I have work to do and projects that are work in progress. They'll wait, I'll get to them when I'm ready and get them all done.

To me, the hammock is a very special thing. I write this story here, because every July 22 is National Hammock Day.

I researched the hammock history to see where it originated. The experts say that the earliest hammocks were made by natives of the Amazon jungle several hundred years before the Spanish Conquest.

I do not agree with their theory at all. I firmly believe that the hammock actually was part of The Garden of Eden, because true paradise could not exist without a hammock!

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