What if I told you that your trip to Las Vegas has been cancelled because it's too hot to fly?


Airline officials have cancelled hundreds of flights in and out of McCarran International Airport for reasons other than weather related but temperatures well in the triple digits is causing passengers to be stranded.  And Phoenix is seeing delays and cancellations as well.

Can it really be too hot to fly?

The high temp in Las Vegas this week will hover close to 120 degrees.  When it's that hot the last place I'm thinking for a vacation is the desert.  You run the risk of getting burned just opening a car door.  And pets can burn their paws on the pavement or concrete.

I checked the board at Sioux Falls Regional Airport for flights earlier today and found none.  Tomorrow, June 21st, there are flights available.

No word on how long it will take to fry an egg on the Las Vegas Strip.

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