It only takes one person to stand up for what's right and fight for those who need help. One South Dakota veterinarian used its voice that possibly saved a young dog's life.

A 24-year-old Madison, South Dakota man named Darrion Conrad recently brought his injured pitbull named Tyra to the veterinarian on Friday, April 7th. His veterinarian took an X-ray of his dog's leg. The results of the X-ray were shocking.

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Our news partners at Dakota News Now are reporting the X-ray "showed the dog’s bone was broken above the joint and 'completely detached from the rest of the leg.' ”

According to the veterinarian, this break really could have only occurred if there was a "very significant force" involved.

The cost of the surgery to repair the leg? It's not cheap. The total bill would be around $1,600. Knowing the results and severity of the situation, Darrion's veterinarian decided to take charge and notify the police.

Dakota News Now (with permission), Canva
Dakota News Now (with permission), Canva

There are more surprises to this aggravating story. When he came to pick up Tyra from the veterinarian, Darrion admits to law enforcement that was mad at her the night before.

Apparently, Tyra had an accident in his kennel and Darrion got frustrated. She is only 6 months old. According to court documents, he also told officers that he hit "the dog two to three times but didn’t notice anything was wrong until the following day..."

Darrion was arrested and booked at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on a felony charge of Cruelty to Animals.

Just by glancing at these pictures, Tyra looks like a loveable pup who wants a caring family. So what happens to Tyra now? A great local organization Almost Home Canine Rescue is going to look after this pup until she is back on his feet.

We can only hope justice is served for this poor puppy. Remember: Animals have rights too!

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