With guns sales soaring not just here in the Sioux Empire, but across the country, a local firearms instructor is stressing the need for every first-time gun owner to get fully acquainted with the basic details of their new gun and how to safely operate it in a variety of surroundings.

Dakota News Now is reporting, Sioux Falls firearms instructor, Matt Schlueter, has a few words of advice for every first-time gun owner to help them get better acclimated to their new firearm.

Schlueter, told Dakota News Now, he highly recommends that every time you purchase a firearm, be it your first gun, or your 10th, you should make sure to thoroughly read the manual that comes along with the firearm. It's also wise to have your sales person walk you through the basic operational details of the gun you just purchased.

Every gun owner bears the responsibility of knowing that he or she is familiar with basic firearm safety and how to operate and care for the firearms they own.

Schlueter says, “Always treat every gun like it’s loaded, always keep your finger off the trigger and keep it pointed in a safe direction. These basic rules apply to any type of situation, whether you are hunting, at the range, or handling a conceal and carry firearm.”


Proper storage of your firearm is crucial for every gun owner to know as well.

According to Dakota News Now, Schlueter says every new firearm owner should have a safe storage plan in place before purchasing a gun. Safe storage methods range from a functional gun safe to a gun case with a chamber locking device that runs through the gun.

Given the influx of first-time gun owners, good, smart, safe, gun habits are essential for every gun owner to know. Brushing up on these best practices from time to time is the responsible and right thing to do, whether you're a new or seasoned gun owner.

Source: Dakota News Now

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