Now that the fourth of July has come and gone, with no Jaycees Fireworks display I might add, (thanks a bunch Mother Nature!) we are one step closer to another one of the biggest parties of the summer, JazzFest 2018.

The most anticipated outdoor music fest of the year in Sioux Falls is planned for Friday and Saturday, July, (20 & 21) in Yankton Trail Park. The headliners for JazzFest 2018 include legendary blues guitarist Jimmie Vaughan on Friday night, followed by Grammy award- winning singer and musician Taj Mahal on the main stage Saturday night.

Because JazzFest continues to be a free event, the typical crowd size each year in Yankton Trail Park usually totals around 100,000 people for both days. As you can imagine, finding parking for sizable crowds of people like that can be challenging, that's one of the reasons why the JazzFest team has decided to team up the rideshare service Lyft to help get people to and from this year's festival with ease.

Starting this year, KSFY reports that Lyft will offer a JazzFest pickup location in the Hegg Companies parking lot on west 57th Street.

To make things as easy as possible for everyone wishing to get a lift from Lyft, there will be signs posted to help point the public to the correct location.

Find out what else is planned for JazzFest 2018 here.

Source: KSFY TV

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