Kraft introduces “Salad Frosting” to get kids to eat more greens. Parents go to great lengths to get their kids to eat more vegetables, like sneaking spinach into their spaghetti sauce or serving them tofu tenders.

Now, Kraft is joining in the fun, with a new salad dressing aimed at kids: Kraft Salad “Frosting”. Seeing how I'm just a big kid myself, I'm going to take the kid's side, and say this is nothing but downright trickery!

It’s really just their Classic Ranch Dressing, but it's disguised in a squeeze pouch just like the kind real frosting comes in. I mean, come on! Who do you think you're fooling?

And now I must point out that ranch dressing isn’t much healthier than actual frosting in the first place. I have never tricked my son into eating vegetables, nor have I pushed him to eat them.

I have, however, encouraged him to eat meat. I think of vegetarians killing plants everyday so they can eat them. I feel this violence must stop, so we have beef for dinner.

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