Ok, here's a blunt question: Who kisses up to the boss at your place of work?

Every work place (OK, almost every work place) has one. That co-worker who tries to gain boss brownie points by schmoozing with the boss.

I say 'co-worker' because I assume it isn't you!

Anyway, that colleague that makes sure the boss see's him/her every morning early, every afternoon late. That person who maybe laughs a little louder at a lame boss joke or who makes sure he/she sits close by the head honcho. That one individual that you know...know!..isn't putting in the effort but somehow has figured out how to skate by.

Well, don't get too shook up about it. According to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology (now there's a magazine I'll bet we all read) while sidling up to the boss may give you a career boost and stability, it could hurt your career and reputation in other ways.

A portion of the study says that so much time is spent looking good (too good) for the boss, that colleague of yours may be slacking off more at work and may even feel a depleted sense of self control. Also, they may have a negative influence on the rest of the work place. And ultimately that could negatively reflect on their reputation and career.

So think about that...meanwhile, I'm going to go say hi to the boss and see if he/she needs a fresh cup of coffee.

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