Maybe parents should let their children sleep in a little more. It may help improve their behavior and make them less restless in school, according to an actual study.

On the flip side, we as parents are not surprised to know that cutting back on children's sleep time seems to make them more likely to cry, lose their temper and become frustrated. If my son doesn't get enough sleep, he can almost be out of control.

The study that I mention here was conducted in Canada at Montreal's McGill University. The children were split into two groups. One group's parents were told to add an hour to their kids' usual time asleep, while the other group was told to cut their sleep time by an hour.

This of course is not the first study ever done on this matter. But the results here clearly showed better behavior as well as improved academic performance for the children that got more sleep. Just a one hour adjustment for your child's sleep time could make your life much better.