The official AP College Basketball poll will come out on Monday, but CBS Sports has already taken Kentucky and Duke out of their Top 25 poll.

Both teams were upset last week and for Kentucky it has been another week of disappointment for a team that was so high touted prior to the season.

Kentucky lost to Auburn on Saturday while Duke lost to Notre Dame on Saturday as well.

The full CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) is below.

Oklahoma (15-1)
Kansas (15-2)
North Carolina (16-2)
Villanova (16-2)
Xavier (16-1)
West Virginia (15-2)
Iowa (13-3)
Michigan State (16-2)
Maryland (16-2)
Virginia (13-3)
SMU (16-0)
Texas A&M (15-2)
Baylor (14-3)
Providence (15-3)
Miami (13-3)
Butler (13-4)
Louisville (14-3)
Purdue (15-3)
Iowa State (13-4)
USC (15-3)
Pittsburgh (15-2)
Arizona (15-3)
South Carolina (16-1)
Indiana (15-3)
Notre Dame (12-5)
Wichita State (11-5)


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