This question might get you a free beer down at the local watering hole. And yes, I'm always looking for a free beer at the local watering hole.

How many states share a border with South Dakota?

Now, be sure and tell the person they have about 5 seconds to answer, otherwise they'll Google it. I know, because if you give me more than 5 seconds to answer anything, I'll Google it.

So I immediately thought to myself 'four'. Now, I haven't lived in the good old Rushmore State my entire life, but 46 plus years is a pretty good run. Being born and raised in Minnesota, I knew that was one (see how quick I am?). And it didn't take long to spit out North Dakota, Nebraska (got kids and grandkids living there) and Wyoming (lived for 15 years in Rapid City and Wyoming is just over that way a piece).

So I'm right, four, I'll have that free frothy golden glass of goodness, thank you.

Hold on Cowboy. What about Andy Gott's home state of Iowa?

Oh...yeah. Geez, driving down Interstate 29 to get to the kids, I should have remembered those sign's saying this exit to this Iowa town and that Iowa exit to that Iowa town. Okay, okay, I forgot. I'm getting old.

So five. Okay, five. You might just get me that free brew anyway for the effort, only one-off.

Wrong again. There's six. That's right, six.

Go way on up there to the northwest part of the Sunshine State and yessir, by golly, we share a short border with the state of Montana. No kidding. And want to know something else? Along that stretch of the border, there isn't a paved road across it. Nope. I guess that means if you really truly want to cross the South Dakota/Montana border, you might want to slow down just a week a little bit.

So there you have it. Six states border South Dakota. So go ahead, try out the experiment. Bop on over to that thirst-quenching haunt of yours and pop the question and see if you can't sip a good cold beer for free.

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