Who has the most stress leading up to Super Bowl Sunday? The party host, for sure! And, if you're not in the mood to pull out the Bobby Flay cookbook just head to your local grocery store for a cart full of frozen pizza.

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You can still have your guests show off their culinary talents. Hey, the party is at your house remember? Let them pitch in.

Everyone has their favorite brand of frozen pizza, and if you live in Minnesota the Baron is King.


There are many ways to save on your shopping bill for the big game including buying individual ingredients and making large portions. But, there are some items you may find difficult to duplicate, and probably shouldn't. Like pizza.

In the frozen food section of your grocery store, you probably have dozens of choices. All the top-name brands with up to eight different styles to choose from.

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Pizza With Pepperoni, Olives and Peppers

After reading a Consumer Reports article on the Best Frozen Pizzas, I wanted to see if they were right. Yep, I like this quick and easy option once in a while as a change from delivery or take n bake.

What I learned was the CR panel chose eight popular frozen pizzas. Among those, is a brand that's made in Minnesota by the Schwan's Company.

Red Baron Pizza was the overwhelming editor's choice by Consumer Reports.

Red Baron is the crowd pleaser, with a balance of flavors and textures that are just right. You get the distinct taste of crust, sauce, and cheese in each bite.


From an armchair perspective, I've always said the two most important parts of a pizza are the crust and the sauce. You can load as few or as many toppings as you want. But, the foundation components are, to me, the keys to a great pie.

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