In the not-too-distant past, there was a time when the state of Iowa could claim it had one of the most powerful geysers on the planet.

In fact, the geyser was so powerful that it spewed out 50,000 gallons of water per minute and rose 50 feet in the air.

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The Old Jumbo Geyser

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

To learn more about the Old Jumbo Geyser in Belle Plaine, check out the informative YouTube video below.

Story Source: Iowa Road Trip Website

The 6 Types of South Dakota Drivers You Deal With Every Winter

Every year it snows in Sioux Falls. We may live in denial during the spring and summer, but it happens.

When the snow falls on the Falls, life in the city does not stop. We all still have to go to work, school, and the liquor I mean go get snacks.

When you tackle the snowy routes around town you tend to run across six types of drivers in the snow.

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