When you see bags of candy throughout store aisles, it must mean that Halloween is approaching. Everyone has their favorite candy whether it's a Kit-Kat or an Airhead.  But there's a new survey that shows every states' favorite Halloween candy.

The survey map on WTOP shows that Gummy Worms are the favorite state candy for South Dakota during Halloween.  Other favorites include Snickers in Minnesota, Reese's in Iowa, and Hot Tamales in Nebraska.

Bid On Equipment conducted a separate poll on popular Halloween candy in 20 major metro cities. According to the survey, Chicago's favorite Halloween candy is the Kit-Kat.  Other favorites include MilkyWay in Seattle and San Francisco, Jolly Ranchers in Los Angeles, and Lifesavers in Indianapolis.

There are other fun facts about Halloween included in the WTOP and Bid On Equipment.  For example, parents spend around $35 on Halloween candy.  The average age that is concerned "too old" to trick-or-treat is 15-years old.

What's your favorite Halloween candy? What's should your state's favorite Halloween candy be?

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