I recently read this on Fortune and thought OMG are people that busy or is it we are just plan lazy and will not plan out a meal at home: "Walmart Inc. will start offering prepared meals at its stores for the first time, a move that could help the nation’s biggest grocer sell more food while siphoning customers from restaurant chains."

With a fast-food-fetish it's no surprise that our society is overweight and obese. I still cannot understand the draw to a restaurant which relies mostly on a deep fat fryer and a microwave.

With more and more chef inspired dining options in Sioux Falls our community is seeing and uptick in a more healthy dining experience. Licensed and trained nutritionists and culinary chefs are in our local grocery stores. Those same nutritionists and chefs can offer an endless list of meal ideas.

If you can take the time to go to Walmart and pick out a meal from a display case you should be able to take the time to shop for real ingredients to make your own dinner.

And before you shoot this down let me tell you about my neighbors who both have full time jobs and have five children.  You won't see them shopping for prepared meals.

Family is important to them and they cook at home with everyone helping. This same family all sits down together. And the bonus - they're all healthy.

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