The now defunct toy store chain Toys R Us could be making a return to the national retail seen before the 2019 holiday season arrives.

KSFY TV is reporting that a company called Tru Kids, Inc is toying with the idea of reintroducing the Toys R Us brand just in time for the holiday shopping season.

The CEO of Tru Kids, Inc, Richard Barry, was once a Toys R Us executive. As KSFY reports, Barry was busy pushing the revival of the Toys R Us brand to a group of toy makers at an industry convention last week.

If the plan comes to fruition, about a half dozen, new, Toys R Us stores would open nationwide later this year. In addition to the stores, reports say that a new website will also be created.

The new 10,000 square feet stores would only be about a third of the size of the previous stores. But according to KSFY, the stores would include play areas and other experiences.

There has also been discussion about the former popular toy company opting for a consignment inventory model. If that is the path they elect to take, it would mean toy makers wouldn’t get paid for the goods until customers buy them.

Regardless of what happens, the chances of Sioux Falls getting another Toys R Us store would be remote at best. But hopefully, with a little luck, a store could possibly open somewhere close in the region, allowing toy lovers of all ages here in the Sioux Empire the chance to relive the Toys R Us experience yet again!

Source: KSFY TV


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