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Isn't it great that things are getting back to normal? Yes it is, and on so many levels. After months and months we can get together, go to ballgames, family reunions, long distance and short distance vacations.

And there's no better vacation place that good 'ol South Dakota. From border to border, east to west and north to south, South Dakota has those famous faces and places. Just load up the car or RV and hit the road...here comes relaxation and fun!

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And after a long days drive, how about just swinging on into one of the many rest areas along the interstate, pulling the RV off to the side a bit and spend the night. Ahh....

Well, ahh...no.

Oh you can sop on in to a rest area, stretch your legs, make use of the facilities, wander around a bit. But camping? Staying overnight? Nope. South Dakota's State Code makes it illegal to camp at South Dakota Rest areas and goes on to say it's a petty offense.

So then, how long can you park at South Dakota's rest areas? You can stop there for as long as three hours. You commercials vehicles and park for as long as ten hours. It gets into a lot more detail which you can read here.

So if you decide to say 'aw, the heck with it, I'm staying anyway', what's the penalty? Well, the state of South Dakota does not specifically define a dollar amount or other penalty, but it does spell out its authority to levy a fine.

Ok, why not just enjoy the beauty of one of South Dakota's fantastic State Parks and use the good old rest area for what it's designed for. Oh, and one final thing. You're going to LOVE all the Mt. Rushmore State has to offer!

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