When it comes to historic hotels in the Hawkeye State, there are far more than you might imagine.

Whether it's the Hotel Julien in Dubuque, the Des Lux Hotel in Des Moines, or the picturesque Hotel Winnishiek, the state of Iowa has a lot to offer regarding hotels with history. But one hotel stands above the rest and the story it has to tell is even more remarkable.

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Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The historic Blackhawk Hotel has been serving patrons since 1915. Located in Davenport, the Blackhawk is a mainstay in the Quad Cities and people come from far and wide just to spend a night at the extraordinary landmark.

What makes the Blackhawk Hotel such a special place? Take a look at what the FW has to say:

The opening of Davenport's Blackhawk Hotel was marked with a gala dinner for 500 and a floor show by one of Chicago's most prominent exotic dancers. Financed by local businessman W.F. Miller and designed by the firm of Temple and Burrows, the Blackhawk boasted an array of modern amenities, including rooms with ice water on tap.

-FW/Townsquare Media

As for Iowa's neighbors, in Minnesota, the most historic hotel goes to the St. Paul Hotel, built in 1910. In Wisconsin, the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee takes the top spot. And in the state of Nebraska, the most historic hotel is the Hotel Deco in Omaha, built in 1930.

For a look at the most historic hotel in each and every state in the U.S., keep scrolling!

Story Source: FW/Townsquare Media, Tripadvisor Website

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