There's no shortage of great places to get a cinnamon roll in Iowa, but according to a recent article from Eat This, Not That, one unlikely spot takes the crown for having the best in the entire state.

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Where Is Iowa's Best Cinnamon Roll Found?

Image via Clipart
Image via Clipart

Here's what Eat This, Not That has to say:

So big that it's named the Gingatoroll, the $12 cinnamon roll from Cornbred Barbecue is definitely meant for sharing. Made from scratch, the cinnamon roll darn near looks like a birthday cake. It's not only topped with whipped icing, but whipped butter as well.

-Eat This, Not That Website

As you may have guessed, Cornbred BBQ isn't just known for its cinnamon rolls, it also is widely praised for having some of the best barbeque in the entire Hawkeye State.

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As far as Iowa's neighbors, in Minnesota, the best cinnamon roll in the state is at Isles Bun & Coffee in Minneapolis.

In South Dakota, you can find the best cinnamon roll in the state at the Baker's Bakery & Cafe in Custer.

In Wisconsin, the best cinnamon roll is found at Rosie's Coffee Bar & Bakery in Madison. In Illinois, you can find the best at Kanela Breakfast Club in Chicago. And finally, in Missouri, the best cinnamon roll is found at M&M Bakery & Deli in Kansas City.

To see the full list, check out the article from Eat This, Not That.

Story Sources: Eat This, Not ThatCornbread BBQ Website

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