If something is the 'Least Beautiful' isn't it just plain ugly? That's kinda what this study is saying about Iowa.

If something is the 'least tall' isn't it simply short? If something is the 'least fast' it's basically slow, right?

Well, this study from Thrillist has “All 50 States, Ranked by Their Beauty” and Iowa came in almost dead last. So according to this list doesn't that make Iowa just plain 'ugly'?

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Not surprisingly they rank California as the #1 'Most Beautiful State' in the list saying, “California has EVERY SINGLE KIND OF BEAUTY you could possibly want. Start in the south with the expansive, natural beaches set against towering cliffs.

Then move inland to the moon-like desert-scapes in the Mojave. There’s the drive along the PCH and Big Sur, leading in the wine country of the Central Coast and up into San Francisco, a city that owes its aesthetic to cliffside views and curlicues of fog.:”

#50 or dead last in this ranking was Kansas with the comment, “If Kansans can love their land, no one else has any excuses not to love the bejesus outta theirs.”

Iowa was not far from ahead of Kansas at #47 they said, “Iowa may be flat as hell and, well, kinda boring. But it supports a lot of green living things, and it sure looks nice when the lights go down.”

Well now, that's kinda calling our baby ugly. I was born in Decorah, Iowa which is located in the northeastern corner of the state. The scenery there is spectacular.

You can enjoy some breathtaking vistas while canoeing the Upper Iowa River, or enjoy watching the eagles sore about the Mississippi River or ride the awesome bike trails in and around Decorah itself.

And that's just one little corner of the Hawkeye state. I contend there is lots of beauty to behold in Iowa. You just have to stop, appreciate, and enjoy it!



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