With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, I decided to take an unscientific, informal survey through Facebook to see how we like our steak done here in this part of the country. And according to my findings - a little blood on the plate isn't a bad thing.

Using a scale ranging from one to five (1=rare, 2=medium rare, 3=medium, 4=medium well, 5=well done), I asked my Facebook friends to tell me how they like their steak to come off the grill. And most were in that 2-to-3 range (2.6 to be exact).

At the time I wrote this, we had 40 people take part in the survey, but my plan is to leave the survey up and running through the Memorial Day weekend. So if you would like to chime in, there's a link at the bottom of the page.

A few of my favorite responses were, "5 is a crime," "Anything more than 2 is ruined," "The nerves still need to be moving," and "Send the steer through and I'll just rip a piece off when it he goes by." Following are some of the other responses:

  • Les Gooch 1 or 2 Moooo!
  • Sheila Donovan 4
  • Steve Boeve 2
  • Brian Slack 3
  • Jim Payne 2
  • Allen Neuharth 3
  • Dawn Hanson 2
  • David Fisher 3
  • Nancy Skrondahl 4
  • Nicole Wood 2
  • J.P. Skelly 2......5 is a crime
  • Linda Blom 3
  • Kelly O'Rourke Blount 2
  • Gary Poppens 3
  • Tony Petrone 2
  • Joe Greve 1. Anything more than 2 is ruined.
  • William Echols 2 med. Rare
  • Tom Sutterer 3 to 4
  • Shirley Moore hamburger please with ketchup, mustard, pickle, onion and lettuce
  • Jack Long 4
  • Cam Lind Yes, with ketchup.
  • Gloria Kannas 4
  • Phillip Morgan Medium rare. The nerves still need to be moving.
  • Myron Lee 2
  • Tammy Nugent 4
  • Kathy Feuerhelm 2
  • Jay Beck 2
  • Donald Huwe Send the steer through and I'll just rip a piece off when he goes by
  • Cindy Salveta 3
  • Vicky Hanisch Shaw 3
  • Anne DeReu 4
  • DiAnn Kothe 3-4
  • Ron DeSchepper 2
  • DebLyle Christofferson 4 for me too
  • Betty Capps 3 for both of us
  • Julie Lee Johnson 5
  • Karen Mulhair 4
  • Terry Stoakes 1 please
  • Jo Ann Sandal Miles 2 for me, please.
  • Pat Linton-Johnson 3 Medium

To join in on the survey and add your two cents, CLICK HERE.

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